Keyboadr Problem With Os10.4.2


I recently had Tiger installed on my powerbook and have noticed weird things happen while I am typing. I will be typing along and then suddenly I will hit a letter and the cursor will pop onto my desktop or if I am e-mailing it will suddenly pop into the Cc box or at the bottom of the page, or suddenly onto another web page. It has been doing this when I send e-mails or if I am in Word, (in fact it did it about 8 times while trying to type this) Is this a problem with the keyboard settings? I tried disabling those but it doesn't seem to help. I should let you know I do use a Wacom tablet, could there be a conflict with that?
Try going into Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse, then Trackpad

Set Track Pad Options to ignore accidental input.
Resetting the CPU didn't seem to work either. I am wondering if it is aconflict with the recent download of the driver for the Wacom tablet. Anyone had problems with that?