Keyboard Function Keys


Why are the function keys on my G4 Powerbook not working anymore? Im not referring to the F1-F12 keys. Im talking about the function keys that regulate brightness, volume and eject the disc?
They worked perfectly fine under 9 but under X nothing is happening. I find that rather bothersome. I mean, Apple must have had X in mind when they threw the G4 PB's on the market, and then they forget to include the function keys? Maybe there is a way and i have just not figured out? Any idea's out there? Or is anyone as annoyed at this as i am? If so, i would suggest that "we" write a message to Apple, with all of us "signing" it and suggesting that they include that in one of the next updates?!
Let me know what you're thinking!
The king of irons,


A World Without Windows
All I can say is ditto. :(

But... my trusty G3 Powerbook allows you to use the keys as normal and brightness/sound when I press FN when you switch on FULL KEYBOARD ACCESS. Why that should not happen on this silver dream machine I do not know...

Anyone @ Apple reading this?