Keyboard Multi Character


I work at a newspaper and we are trying to upgrade to OSX. It is working for the most part except the fact that when I type I get multi charcters from time to time. That is not good for a news paper. The word "as" can be assssssss or worse ... much worse ... ass.

I have run "coctail" a tone of times and it has not fixed the problems. Any ideas?


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mine did this. i thought it was my keyboard stutter. for some reason, it doesn't do it anymore. not sure if it was hardware/software or just me.


Has anyone else seen this. It iss (ss) very difficult for a newspaper person to deal with this issue.

Can anyone help?


Is the key repeat rate/delay until repeat in the Keyboard&Mouse control panel set too high?

Try setting the delay until repeat rate to 'Off'


We tried a new keyboard andd no luck. (see -- dd)

Does it have something to do with thee fact that we are running OS9 programs as well as OS10 stuff? (again thee (ee))

How can I get more exposure and get an idea what to do?


Yeah, we took off the delay repeat deal and not luck. It does not seem to have anything to do with that. It is a goofy thing. Any ideas on what to do would be great.

Trying to run a newspaper as typing as and getting ass is not good. The spell checker does not catch that. So proofing has to be aawesome. (aa -- did it again) :confused:


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Create a new user in OS X and log into that account and see if you have this problem there.