Keyboard Shorcut for cycling though windows?


Some guy
Is there a keyboard command to cycle through the open windows of an application? I know that apple+tab cycles though open applications, but I am looking for a way to go though the windows (ie: I have 2 browser windows open right on top of each other and don't feel like reaching for the mouse...)

Terminal also uses cmd-left arrow and cmd-right arrow to cycle through the open windows.

Seems the most sensible standard to me - it works when you have more than 9 windows open, and you don't have to remember which window you were doing what in.

Problem is that some (all?) browsers use this for forward/back, for which it also seems the most sensible thing...
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This is one of the areas that should be standardized. Right now it varies from application to application:

for Explorer: Apple-Shift-~
for Terminal: Apple...

The command for IE is Apple-~
You don't have to hold down shift.
For OmniWeb 4.1, you can switch through windows with command-~ and command-shift-~ (one if forward, the other backwards). Apple has indeed standardized on this as the way to cycle through windows (although it might take a while for everyone to follow it). I'm glad they did, because non-standardization is a major annoyance of Windows.