Keyboard Shortcuts


I've been trying to find a way to change the shortcuts from the keyboard. It's INSANE that Apple has changed the cmd-N from New Folder to New Finder Window.

This shortcut has been w/ Mac OS since....well since the beginning.

Beyond the sacrilege, it's damned annoying.

Is there any way to swap these two 'features'???

W/ old MacOS, I'd go in w/ resedit and change the command. How do I do that w/ OSX?
If you go hunting through the package, you should see a Localized.rsrc file or something in your language's folder. You can convert that data file to a resource fork and then use ResEdit to hack around the menu code. You might be able to get to the shortcut code too.

Look for a post in here somewhere about using QuickConvert and such to add an Icon Size menu to the Finder. It has good instructions for this kind of hack.