Keyboard Sound Controls?


Violent Member
I upgraded smoothly from 9.1 to 9.2 yesterday.
It appears that Apple is making OS 9 more similar to OS X.
Okay, my keyboard volume and mute controls dont work. The little box that used to pop up doesnt come up anymore. In fact the buttons don't WORK. With itunes open, running in the front or the background, the volume buttons work on the volume in itunes. But that isn't what those buttons are for, especially when itunes isn't in the front. Those buttons are exclusively for changing SYSTEM volume. Has anybody had similar problems? Anybody got any ideas?
The buttons change the system volume if iTunes isn't open at all, if it is, iTunes get the byttons.
OSX works differently, there the buttons are used for system and system only. I hate that it starts on top volume(try turning down the volume, and it turns up first)