Keyboard Support


Hello OSX support crew

i have a silly situation on my hands here and im hoping someone can help.

I purchased a USB KVB switch the other day to flip between my PC and mac with 1 monitor/keyboard and mouse. the KVM even has MAC support so my control/opt/cmd keys all work properly.

but my macally keyboard has 2 delete keys. one beside all the numbers and one ontop of the arrow keys. before i started using the KVM switch the first one would delete backwards and the second would delete forwards.

now they both delete forward, unless i hold shirft. is there a way to restore this backwords deleting functionality ? for 1 or both, wouldnt really matter. deleteing backwords is soooo much more usefull then deleting forwards when you make a type.

maybe an apple scipt or a better sollution if you know of one.

any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
marc b