keychain access


How can I change the password in keychain.My son put a password on safari and the one he used is different from the login password and I'm affraid one day I will forget it and have to reinstall everything.I would like to change it to the login password if possible or erase the password alltogether.Can I just delete safari from the keychain list or will this safari from working.

Ralphie Boyo

About a year ago, I lost all of my passwords when Keychain erased them. Now, I have a Bean (WP) file where I store them all. I print out a copy for safety's sake and one to take on the road with me. I can't really trust any computer, even my mac, since I have been known to screw it up at times.




Chmod 760
Staff member
Open Keychain Access and go from menus Keychain Access > Keychain First Aid and selec to synchronize.