Keychain copying from one Mac to another


Gidday all,

I have an iMac and a iBook. I use them equally and would like to share my files by using the iMac as the file server. I reconciled my two Keychains, and did so on the iBook and copied ~/Library/Keychains to the iMac (backing up the iMac's Keychain). My two usernames are the same and have the same UID. But the iMac is STILL SEEING its old keychain. Is the information cached somewhere and has to be updated? I've rebooted the iMac and still shows the old information. Running Keychain First Aid says that the missing keychains are indeed missing but provides no other information.

Does anyone know what I need to do to have the new keychain be seen?

THe plan I originally had was to use the same home directory on both machines by symlinking the user on the iBook to that on the iMac. And then when I go away I was going to create a copy of the one on the iMac on the iBook and then rsynch them. It doesn't look like this will work. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to do this?

Thanks for any help!


Hi all,

I found the solution sort-of. To repeat the problem - I copied one lot of Keychains, replacing the existing ones. Keychain still shows the original items (even after a reboot). I had to go "Edit / keychain List" and select the new keychains. It supplements the original keychains. I didn't do it, but I guess I could "Delete Keychain" on the old ones.

I'll try "Import ..." next time and see if its any better.

This still doesn't satisfy my desire to have one lot of keychain files I just keep synchronised between machines. Perhaps this is an intended limitation so you have to buy OS X Server if that is what you want.



ps. thanks to the support person who got back to me - sorry I didn't reply directly.
I have the same problem - sort of.

I can go to Edit - Keychain List. I can browse to where the keychain file is (it's called old.keychain). But I can't select the old keychain; it's greyed out.

I know the keychain is a valid one - I can use
security dump-keychain /Users/mark/old.keychain
and it shows all the item descriptions - but not the actual passwords, so I can't even manually copy them over!