I was wondering if there is a way to bypass the keychain login password.I am the administrator on this computer and my children have there own accounts and I would like to watch what they are doing on facebook and aim but when I try to log into their keychain account to find out there passwords it doesnt let me in.I think they changed the password so it is not the login password.I know the log in password because I set up their accounts.As the administator can I reset their passwords so I have access again.Or do I have to block these sites so they cant go on them at all.


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If your children are old enough for them to be using any messenger or facebook why not let them use those?

If they aren't old enough in your opinion to access FB or AIM, then set the parental controls correctly for those accounts.

Of course you could reset the password and fix the keychain, but I'm not sure it's appropriate in this case.
If the children are old enough to have an account on an online site, then perhaps they start to have an online life of their own at that stage too...

Why don't you just create an account for yourself in facebook and ask your children to add you? That way you can follow what they are up to like a civil person would.


There is a way to get the keychain passwords but I agree with Giaguara in regards to secretely breaking into their accounts. You could always set up parental controls or set up openDNS. I'm not saying I'm telling you how to be a parent, but there is an ethical thing here at debate.