.keymapping files

Tom C

Well, Apple still hasn't released a Greek keyboard layout for OS X, despite the fact that the system font (Lucida Grande) supports Greek. I guess that I'll have to program one myself.

Problem is, I haven't been able to find any documentation for .keymapping files. Does anyone know how to program these or where I might find documentation?
rainbow.gr is working on the greek version (and knowing them they will charge you full price for "extra" fonts and the keyboards...malakes!)

They had a version os 10.0.4 done but then 10.1 came out and they scraped it. I dont think its gonna take a long time to get it out.

I am hoping that we, greek speakers abroad, will be helped by users in greece by giving us "access" to those files that are supposed to be free by apple anyways.

Surely somebody knows the specs... it can't be that big a secret. Personally, I'm in need of a specialized cyrillic keyboard that's not going to exist until I make it. I need those specs!