Keynote is over...impressions?


I think all the speculation over the release of a new shape iMac ruined it for me...the whole time I was waiting for "one more thing"...

Although lots of the other stuff was impressive, those new G4's kick a$$, and seeing the X 1, it looked super charged compared to our current version.

But I wish we could have seen something super in the release of X 1, or the new shaped iMac...

Maybe we are just too spoiled...
That was a really bad move on Apple's part. The entire industry is slowing and all Apple can do is say, "We are faster than a P4, and someday we might possibly maybe ship Mac OS X 10.1". I find it sad that Apple tries to sell their Power Macs at such high prices. They need to put something into the low end systems. To the computer illiterate, how is an iMac better than a comparable PC? If they put in something that would bring back the 'Wow', then the new iMacs would sell like a ton. And that's the way to get more power users to buy Power Macs. A new Mac user buys an iMac, then eventually falls in love with the high end systems. Honestly, I can hardly tell the difference (visually) between these iMacs and the ones release two versions ago. How are they going to sell?

BTW, was there even a "one more thing"? I'm not sure if iDVD was it, or there just wasn't one. If iDVD was, that was pretty lame. If there wasn't, you can guess how big the release of Mac OS X in Spetember is going to be:rolleyes:
nah, there was no one more thing...and I waited for it...and waited and waited...and wa i t e d...
I took notes during the live stream. But I'll spare yall of my 6 pages of yack.
The software:
Microsoft releases office. Big deal. I'm sticking it out for OpenOffice.
Adobe is releasing photoshop and such. We knew they would.
Quark express will continue to help apple in the publishing arena.
Worldbook has a pretty good deal on reference material. It must be tough to do so with so many free resources on the internet. Nice price, too.
All the gamse look great (Blizzard and Aspire). I'd like to compare Tony Halks Pro Skater 2 from os x to os 9. I mean, its a new application for both os's. Might be interesting.

The holy grail of the show, in my opinion, goes to two software demo's.

Obviously Mac OS X 10.1.0. If it lives up to the improvements that Jobs showed off, that will be woderful. But what computer did he demo it on, anyway?

My other choice is Alias Wave Front Maya. I've taken alot of classes centered around CAD, and they always use autocad and 3d studio. Granted, Autocad is a great program. But I"ve never seen a more crash-prone program as 3d studio max/vis.

Cinema 4d looks good, but Maya looks better. I've never seen such a nice-looking 3d graphics suite. Looks like they have the dynamic body stuff worked out.

iDVD wasn't that surprising or interesting to me, but it looks like interesting software. The new imacs were just what most people thought they would be - just faster imacs. New powermacs - I can't deside if they are ugly or pretty. I wonder how I'd put a zip drive in there...

I wish Jobs hadn't given up on setting the photo to the desktop background. But maybe the pictures were not really there - they were just fake icons or something. I don't know. Naa. They were probably just the wrong file format or something.

I was laughing when Jobs was talking about printing support and said something like " for over 200 post script printers with all the dll's or whatever they are..." DLL's? hahaha.

And his reference to the "aol and microsoft war" was funny, too.

"There is a new dock effect called 'scale'..."

Overall, a great show as usuall. And the pentium burning session was great, too.

and yes, the camera was funny, as well aas toy story 2 flopping the first time. But lets not forget all the times windows has crashed on Gates in similar shows...

Sorry about my length there. I guess I had a lot to say. (I had a lot more, actually...)
I thought the DLL comment was a little odd, too. I also think that Steve should have used the DVD player crashing as a demo of how OS X is nearly uncrashable by things like that.
After thinking about it a while, I think this was a pretty good MacWorld. This was OS X's "Coming Out Party". They effectively introduced it, and encouraged developers to make software for it. Not only that, but they managed to squeeze in PowerMac G4 and iMac updates as well. And all during a economic slowdown. It's amazing how much they did. The only reason people didn't like it (including myself, originally) was because they were all expecting OS X 10.1 and LCD iMacs as the show. And had they had LCD iMacs, people would be moaning even more loud. They say iMacs are too expensive the way it is. Well, how much would they cost with LCDs? Yeah, at lease $200 more.

Originally posted by kilowatt
But what computer did he demo it on, anyway?

Well, there was a battery icon in the menu bar...dual processor PowerBook G4 prototype, anyone:D? Don't flame me about how the thing would have melted into a liquid pile of titanium (and they said he was mad about the camera lol). Joke, get it?
This may sound like a stupid question, but does anyone have the slightest idea what Steve mean when he said "that's not that last you'll see of Tony Hawk today"? was that sum kinda metaphor or sumthin?

just wondering
I think later he was in one movie that he presented, anyway, he was just refering to how everyone would see him again....