Keynote Or Powerpoint For Web Export?


MS has a product called Producer. Is there anything like it on the Mac. Looking to export media rich presos to the web while preserving the click per slide feature.

I've tried to export a media rich preso in Keynote to flash. However, it seems not to include the Movies and audio. Any idea how I can force it to include these files?

Thanks much!
The easiest way is just to export your Keynote presentation to a Quicktime movie. That will keep the file size to a minimum while still including all effects, transitions, sounds, movies and interactivity options ... plus its not too difficult to embed into a web-page.

I haven't really tried exporting to Flash, though.
Does this perseve the click per slide? My other concern is the quality when you export to quicktime. Ususally the quality takes a big hit.