Keynote OS X News!


From todays MacWorld keynote:

1). Quicktime movies now continue to play in the dock.

2). Dock-ed folders are now hieharchal, spawning a list of its contents.

3). Apple Menu is back with access to the Location Manager, Recent Documents and Shutdown, Restart and Sleep.

4). Finder toolbars are now much smaller and Finder windows now have a status bar. Finder toolbars are now customizable.
I love a lot of the new things, especialy the folders in the doc and the Apple Menu being back, BUT there is one sad news as well: the release date is March 24. =(
Although I never realy expected it to be available right now, I had hoped both for a new beta and for a mid-february release. Oh well.
However, it is realy cool to know Apple does listen, and that some of the most sorely missing features in the PB are corrected.
Oh, and those new superdrive make me water... CD/DVD reading AND burning on ALL G4s! Now thats gonna rock ;-)

1. Dock and desktop preferrences moved into system preferences.

2. Drives on desktop by default.

3. The new button toggles the toolbar and functions as a toggle between double-click opens in same/new window.

Steve also hinted that the control strip would come back and that the final version of OS X will have built-in support for PPPoE.

Are you guys as excited as I am? :)

Just thinking I would like to try it now! I realy must get to work at Apple someday ;)
Hmm, Jobs didnt say if iTunes and iDVD were OSX-native... I suppose they must be though, or at least will be when OSX launch.
I think Im going to rob a bank and buy a G4/733! And one of those G4/500 powerbooks to go with it... lol


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Sorry, but the SuperDrive (CD RW/DVD R) is standard only on the G4/733. The other only get a CD R. Oh well, it did sound a bit to good to be true... and then, you can alway order a custom comp with one if you want to.
"New" features - wooo! whoop whoop whoop!

March 24. Sniff...

Also, apparently, they're dropping the one-click enabling of telnet for ssh, a very sensible move.
With the updated features it makes me feel better about installing the final version of osx on my machine. I can wait till march (comes out about a week before my bday!) and i'd rather wait a little longer if they are going to put back some of the familuar features. Yea apple menu!!!