Keynote webcast available today


Hunter of Muffins
Just finished watching. Kinda looking forward to the next few years. I'm sure that a few mac fanatics will hold off on some major purchases, but the majority of computer users that what or need a mac for home or business are going to get one anyway. I know I'm going to buy at least one more imac and probably the next version of the G4 powerbook. And heck just for nostagia sake I'll probably also buy the last PowerPC mac apple produces.

I like the wolfram guys comment about "craziest calls from apple" and all you need to do is check the box. = )

Oscar Castillo

Funny thing is it quicks almost immediately when I start it up from Firefox, but has no problems when I click on the link from Safari.

Oscar Castillo

That's odd, it only crashes for me when I launch within Firefox. With Safari is runs fien each and every time. You all using Firefox?


this modern love
nope, safari 2 qt 7...crashes at the same point...i see jobs for about 2 seconds then whamo..... anyone know why this would do this? its killing me i have to see this ;)


(I just watched it in Firefox and Quicktime 6.5.2.... no problems.)

This should be an interesting couple of years. I look forward to reading about all the "doom and gloom" of the naysayers and see how it all turns out.
Worked fine for me. I got QT6 back off of my OS X cd with Pacifist; because QT7 drove me nuts with the stupid PRO thing everywhere. Even "PRO" just to use fullscreen :confused: that's BS


All your base are belong
That was the funniest keynote I have seen in ages. Worth watching.

If you have issues with apples move to intel after watching it I would be surprised. (general commment)

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
i found that it must have been in H.264 as it was really clear at high res but really made my G5 chug. (maybe i need one of em intel chips....:p)

very good keynote though (other than the microsft/adobe speakers, proved how much of a good keynote maker steve jobs is), very good timing, i loved the bit when he revaeled that actually he'd been running intel the whole time since 10am...:D:D:D