Keys On My Keyboard


i have a powerbook g3 lombard. three of the keys have fallen off, actually my cat picked them off. any idea how to get them back on?


If I remember right they've got little plastic hooks that hook in to the right and left on kind of an X hinged structure. I've taken them off and gotten them back on but you have to get under the key cap with a piece of wire or something to manipulate the hooks.


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I would have made violin strings from my cat if she were to ever do that. Get rid of that feline.....sounds like it's not Mac friendly... ;)

I don't remember if those PowerBooks have the keys that mount on top of a rather small-and-difficult-to-remount folding mechanism. Most PC laptops have them, but I'm not sure if the 'Books have them. If so, you can attempt to place the keys back on, but it's going to be an exercise in patience for you. I had to do this recently with an HP laptop recently and some older Dell laptops in the past, and it does take some patience but it can be done. Good luck.