Keys stuck in Classic?


I've been using OS X for a while now and this new problem has suddenly come up. What happens is that when I switch to a classic app, the letter 'l' is being typed repeatedly. Launching classic Key Caps, shows the letters 'e' and 'l' depressed. Pressing 'l' stops the typing in the classic app, but it starts up again when I switch back to it or another classic app. OS X apps are fine, and OS X Key Caps doesn't show the letters 'e' and 'l' stuck. And my keyboard appears fine.

This went away after I restarted X (restarting classic didn't help), but after about an hour with no problems, it's come back.

What the hell is going on?
I've heard this reported but have notr experienced it first hand.

I think there is an Apple TIL on it if I'm not mistaken....


Originally posted by endian
I've seen it too - it's a bug in Classic AFAIK. Just hit any key and it'll stop.

It only stops if I hit the 'l' key, but it comes back each time I switch back to a classic app.

Except now it's stopped happening again. Hopefully it won't be back soon.