Keyspan Presentation Remote


I use a Keyspan Presentation Remote (found here ) for running presentations and controlling iTunes when I teach dancing classes. It worked great with OS X 10.3, because of the Keyspan DMR software which lets you remap most of the keys to an action of your choice. However, in 10.4, things aren't so great. When you plug it in, Tiger thinks it's a keyboard, and tries to detect it - but as long as you close that window, it's okay. A bit of a pain, but okay - it works like a mouse, and can control PowerPoint.

However, the Mapper doesn't seem to work - it doesn't register that I have the remote plugged in (the USB receiver), and doesn't seem to affect how the system responds to the keystrokes. This means I can't control iTunes (even in "Media Mode" which didn't work properly out of the box even in 10.3, but was fine with the Mapper).

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a work around? I've emailed Keyspan, but haven't heard back yet, and there's no word on their website. I don't suppose anyone knows of any other mapping software I might be able to use? It's a fabulous unit, which I highly recommend, just maybe not with Tiger yet...