Keyspan USB serial adapter for consoles

No. I picked up a Belkin serial adapter for $9, but they don't have OS X drivers yet. Dang it.

Have you tried using "zterm" for OSX? That might be able to use the serial port.

Also, I'd try finding out what device the serial adaptor uses in the /dev directory.

Okay, one of us is going to have to buy and try something. If I can't console into my Sun boxes, I have to use this IBM Thinkpad 800 P3 (which, btw, boots up in over 3-4 times as slow as my Pismo 500).
Even more fun would be to use such an adapter to console into an OS X box with a real hoary old VT102 or some such beast.

Hmm... My university's library seems to have been slowly getting rid of its library search VT terminals & updating(!) them to 486-33's, I wonder what happened to the terminals.
I got the Keyspan USB dual-serial port adapter that provides two mac-like serial ports under /dev/cu.Key...1, /dev/cu.Key....2 and /dev/tty.Key...1, /dev/tty.Key.....2.

But for the life of me I can't figure out how to configure those ports: speed, duplex, parity, etc. ZTerm won't run on my OS X 10.1 box, so I don't know if it has useful tools for me.

Anyone know how to configure serial devices in /dev?

I tried dumping text files to /dev/cu.Keyspan.... ,but I only got junk on the imagewriter it was attached to.

Wait, these are Mac serial ports? I thought they were standard PC serial ports. So, this USB/Serial adapter will *not* allow us to console into our boxes. Crap!
STOP. If you want a PC 9 pin D-type serial interface then the Belkin PDA Adapter does the trick. See my questions & replies in the forums, under peripherals and titled "USB-->Serial (Belkin/KeySpan) hyperterminal? "
The Belkin's no good because it has no OS X drivers. The KeySpan that I have has drivers and the apple-style serial ports, but I can get a converter for that.

What I can't do is figure out how to configure the port speed/parity/etc on a /dev/blah... device and have a login prompt waiting at the other end.

A post on the thread on macnn that g4titanium references states that the Keyspan PDA Adapter (not the Keyspan Serial Adapter) in conjunction with Zterm is the way to go. Fry's doesn't carry the Keyspan PDA Adapter, but I'm hoping CompUSA will have it. I'll post my results when I find this adapter. Late,
Keyspan PDA Adapter, $40 at CompUSA (nothing at Frys) in conjuction with ZTerm works fine under X 10.1. A little bulky, a little crude, but works good well.