Keystrokes being lost


I have a weird problem where keystrokes keep getting dropped while typing. I am wondering if others have seen this problem or whether perhaps there is a problem with my Pro keyboard. I have noticed that the Pro keyboard seems to require that the keys be striked harder and for longer than the keyboard on my PC at work and I am wondering if this is an OS or hardware issue?

I never use OS9 as I bought my computer to run OSX only but I do not recall seeing this much of a problem during the week or so I ran OS9 before converting to OSX. Of course my keyboard was new at the time and hadn't had time for lint, hair, crumbs, etc to collect either.

FYI my Mac is an iMac DV-SE 500, summer 2000 model.
I dunno. I seem to recall having a similar problem on my iMac, same model, Pro keyboard. I suppose it's possible that it's a bug in OS X, although you'd think that keyboard support would be something that would be finished...
I moved my mouse from the keyboard USB port to the port on the iMac and it seems to have reduced the problem. My guess is that somehow daisy-chaining the keyboard and the mouse triggered the problem. Of course it could just be a coincidence, hard to say.
OS X PB definitely drops keystrokes on my machine. I'm hoping it's a combination of a beta OS along with my setup -- my USB devices go to a switchbox, and then to two Macs and a PC.

I hope it's fixed in the final - it's just a bit more than slightly annoying!