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Does anyone know how to "kill" the dock. It gets in the way with photoshop, illustrator, ect... I tried "killing" it in the terminal... but it starts up again. I want it to stay dead. (untill I am done with graphics stuff)


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But when my cursor goes to the bottom of the screen, the little jerk pops back up! I want to get rid of it. I do not really use it anyway. I have the old "OS 9 app switcher anyway"


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All you have to do is move the application "" out of the /System/Library/CoreServices folder, and then log out and log back in.


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I prefer setting position to "top," and then hide it. The only way to then get it is to position the cursor right on the edge of the menu bar. That way, if I do want to access it, it is possible to unhide it, but it is virtually impossible to unhide it unintentionally...


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yes... it is command option D. I still want to kill the dock.


Yes. You can kill it and live hapilly thereafter.
(You have to drag the out of /System/Library/CoreServices as indicated (but better save it, one never knows)).
Window minimisation: use Windowshade (works as in OS9)
Trash: there are plenty of Trash applications (Wastebasket is one) most of them freeware.
Who needs the Dock (apart S. Jobs)?

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this may just be me, but when i run with the dock killed, or having replaced the dock with, say, dragthing, my OSX box never shuts down or logs out. It just hangs after it closes down my desktop and sits at a blue background.

the dock is the worst idea apple has come up with for the interface. and that whole stupid bouncing thing . . . but i am getting off topic . . .


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I personally love the dock. I use Photoshop and know what you are talking about... But I learned to not to move the mouse in a sloppy way that it will bring up the dock. If you are carefull, eventually you won't even need to think about it and your hand just knows the threshold of the dock and it is not a problem.:)
i use the dock as a launch bar.. i dotn minimize very much but if you turn off magnifacation and put al your apps on it then its only about 1/4 of a inch on your screen, kindof like the windows bar. right now i have 56 icons on there and it makes it a much better tool. if you only have say 5 on there it takes up waaaay to much space.


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Originally posted by tk4two1
If you are carefull, eventually you won't even need to think about it and your hand just knows the threshold of the dock and it is not a problem.:)
yeah, i've managed to avoid the dock by using FruitMenu and ASM to get back the sub-menus under the apple menu and a task-switcher next to the clock. by setting the dock to it's smallest size and autohide, and using "Dock Detox" to kill all bounces, the Dock is now out of site completely for me.


I too hate the dock and find that it always gets in the way.

I've lived without the dock for a long long time now. At first I moved the dock out of the directory as described above and used windowshade too to hide windows.

The only problem though is the dock has to be running in order to change or set your background. So I had to write a shell script to launch and then kill the dock just to set the background.

I guess you could run "Path Finder" to get around that and let "Path Finder" set your background plus you'll get a desktop trashcan out of it.


If you don't want to run Path Finder, and you still want the ability to change your background but you want the Dock gone:

Another option for getting the dock out of the way is to edit your preference file in your home directory and set the dock size down to 1 pixel by 1 pixel. That way it's still running and you can still change you background without any problems.

edit ~/Library/Preferences/ and change the tilesize to 1 pixel:


Then kill and restart your Dock. The dock will be VERY VERY VERY small.


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