killing all animation


Does anybody know of a way to totally kill all the animation?

I don't want a genie effect.
I don't want things to fade in and fade out.
I don't want the sliding interface panels (ala Sherlock).
As far as I've been able to tell through my wanderings in forums, there is no way to turn off the animations though. I suppose Apple should have built in an option to do that, but then their OS just wouldn't have the same... new agey feel to it, y'know?

BTW, if you don't want all them great animations, why are you using OS X? :)
You can change the genie affect. There are 3 to choose from. Do a search on my user name and look for a post about the dock. It will tell you how to do it.

Scale is quick and you won't notice it as much,
TinkerTool, available from <a href="">Version Tracker</a>, provides a GUI for changing the minimization effect, as well as other system settings. I agree that Scale is an improvement over Genie. So is the unfortunately named "Suck In."
Thanks! Tinker tool works great. I did already set my genie effect to "scale" since to me it was the least annoying.

I guess someone will come up with something to squash the animations completely soon enough.
BTW, if you don't want all them great animations, why are you using OS X? :) [/B]

For Unix with a usable GUI. As nice as GNOME or KDE may be under Linux or CDE on Solaris, they really do suck from a user interface standpoint. Apple's GUI is still the slickest. Unfortunately, Apple has gotten into the habit of dictating what people want. "They want cartoons They want big icons and lots of animation."

If I could some how run the OSX Server Finder in OSX Final I would in a heartbeat, even though the OSX Final one is better from a UI standpoint, but at least it doesn't suck my CPU with attempts to preview every file and zoom windows or zip icons around. As much as I detest Windows2000, it at least lets you turn off all that crap.

Sigh. Aside from the multi-pane finder view, I still think OS9's interface was better.
I agree.

I've been searching throught the resource files, but I've had no luck. It would also be nice to kill the drop shadows on everything.

Calculating all those alpha transparency masks can't be easy on my processor.