Konica Minolta Laser printers?


Anyone had any experiences using a Konica Minolta laser printer, particularly the model 2400W color laser?
Long name is:
KONICA MINOLTA 5250220-100 magicolor 2400W 20 ppm Black 2400 x 600 dpi Color LaserJet Laser Printer

Any comments will be most appreciated, particularly whether or not it is System 10 (and above) compatible.

Thank much,
I stumbled onto a very good deal on a Minolta PagePro 1300w ($95 in Egypt :eek: hp1020s go for $160 here) but it doesn't say specificly that it supports Mac Os X (Tiger).

Does anyone have any first hand or close second hand information about how it might work?
Yes - the website and the box say the same for the 1300w. The printer has parallel, usb and (by some reports) ethernet interfaces. So basic IP printing may be possible.

Google reports some european sites that say it works with Os X, but usually 10.2 as far as I can suss out from the various languages.
If you search through Apple's boards, someone there had a reply from Minolta saying the 1300 wouldn't work with OS X .