Kudos to Apple Reps!


Dear Mac OS X readers,

My day started out as usual on Saturday - other than the fact I had stayed up til 3 doing CSF (Cal. High School students know what that is) records. so I got up and went to the local compusa. Waited out there for about 10 minutes and some nice guy gave me his number to get mac OS 10.1 update - SO I went from no number to number 9 in line (there was only 40 copies available so I got #9 :)). But not only was the Apple Rep there at 8:00 AM but he gave us all free Krispy Kreme donuts! So I just wanted to say kudos to the Apple Rep at the CompUSA in Pleasanton, CA (for some reason people think we live in a rich community bubble - thinking there's no life outside of this town, but that's off topic ;)).