KVM switch for Mac


I have a 12in Mac G4 PowerBook and a PC. I want to get a KVM switch to use with them.

I know there will be no issue with the PC, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any issues relating to USB KVM switches and Macs.
A KVM will probably use similar ports, rather than mixing and matching PS2 and USB. You could try a USB to PS2 Y-cable splitter from your Mac to the KVM, but check the KVM specs first because I know not all them support a Y-cable.

If you have your eye on a KVM that will support both PS2 and USB from the Mac, I'd like to know.
Ideally it would be a 4 port and just use USB, I would rather not use PS2.

At the moment I am not looking at any. I am waiting to hear some more advice from others.
I wound up using a single monitor and seperate keyboards and mice for the PC and Mac. The PC keyboard controls the KVM toggle. Not a great solution. (I learned the Y-cable problem after I bought the KVM.)
This one I found at NewEgg looks to be great. Digital Video, USB 2.0, and speaker control.

The specs say it works with Mac and PC. But I have never heard of this brand.

Has anyone heard anything about LINKSKEY, good or bad?