Lacie Ext Hdd Not Mounting


Hi, i have a powerbook G4 running Tiger and was using a lacie d2 firewire hard drive. i wrote all my music onto the lacie and then ejected it but the device removal warning came. i thought nothing of it. i then tried to reconnect my lacie and read of it but now it spins up but my laptop doesn't recognise anything happening. it's not recognised in disk utility, profiler, and disk warrior can't find it either. i have tried a new cable, switching of the laptop and taking the battery out, most simiple things. don't have a clue what else i can do because nothing on my laptop even knows there is something connected to it! really screwed here, would appreciate some help, thanks a lot!
exact same problem any solution??? I'm quite angry because diskwarrior identified the disk seem to have resolved the issues started using it, worked fine and all of the sudden dead...don't know what happened.
Any ideas anyone