Lacie Mounting Problem


My 500 gb Lacie Big Disk Extreme will no longer mount. I have a G4 and it runs on OS, 10.3.9


The disk was working fine since its purchase a few months ago but now gives me an error message upon startup:

You have inserted a disk containing no volume that Mac OSX can read. To continue with the disk inserted, click initialize, ignore or eject.

My computer can see the disk. It shows up on Disk Utility but it does not allow me to verify or repair it. It also lists total
capacity as: 0 bytes even though its a 500gb drive.

I was backing up data on my lacie disk when it stalled so
I force quit the application which didnt stop the process. Eventually, the whole system stalled so I manually shut
down the computer for about 15 minutes, unplugged the power for the lacie disk as well as my mac. After rebooting, I got the error message I mentioned earlier:

I have important data on the lacie disk, really hope you
can help me. Thanks!