Lacie SCSI external burner making coasters


Adjutant On-Line
I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to test and see if the burner is failing or if its something else thats wrong. My Lacie exernal SCSI burner will only make coasters anymore, but it works great as a cd-rom. It acts like its burning fine, but durring verification or trying to use it, it has a hard time tracking and says that a sector is bad. I upgraded toast to the latest patch for the 4.x series but no improvement. Im not exactly sure when this happend but I only started noticing it after I upgraded to 9.2.1, but then again for a while I wasn't burning anything so it could have happend when I went to 9.1 from 8.6

If its relevant, this is a G3, 333 Mhz Biege tower, internal UW SCSI, 256mb ram.