LaCie USB CD RW Burn Disc hangs

James Bond

Even though it shows up OK the the sytem profiler I cannot burn CDs. Everything seems fine while you copy to the CD and when you select Burn Disc but then it always "hangs" on Finishing.


OS 10.1 installed yesterday and everything else is OK
Hi have the same problem
with my lacie usb burner under 10.1.4

have found out that it works under 10.1.3 (10.1.2) i think
there i got all features under itunes and osx

for same days i updated to 10.1.4
apple says "more and better features with burning" bla bla

nothing works.

so now i got the same problem. osx prepares the files. red lamp is lighing for one second. ...and then it hangs. now you can wait for 15 minutes and a message appears.

coudn't be hard to solve the problem

ps: i'm a german. sorry for my bad english
Since I upgraded to a Flatpanel iMac with built in CD buring, I have not used the Lacie....but now that I try it does not even seem to recognise CDs.

Suggest you check out the Lacie website and see if there are any updates...let me know!