Language Scripts


I note that 10.1 now includes Cyrillic and Chinese in addition to the Roman and Japanese scripts available in 10.0 - has anyone seen announcements from Apple on the timing of additional scripts, like Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic?
I think localizatin is done localy for the MacOS, so is doing the russian etc.

I communicated with (greek apple dealer) and they said they had localized 10.0.4 but it was right about when 10.1 was coming out so they scrapped it and have started localizing 10.1 since its faster than 10.0.4 (although I heard some rumor that apple has struck a deal with them to have them be the only one that can distribute the greek mac os so apple might not be able to put it on their CD :eek: !!!!! )

Oh one last thing!,
In 10.1 cyrillic does exist, russian, ukranian and bulgarian keyboard layouts exist, but there havent been localized resources yet.

I think you have misunderstood me. I am not looking for localized version of the MacOS - just the ability to use non-Roman scripts in the US English version, as I can in OS 9. OS X now lets me write Russian or Japanese in my documents, but not Hebrew or Greek yet.
I am currently troubleshooting with a someone from the local Genius Bar about Devanagari text input, which while not either Hebrew or Greek, might in the end solve those problems too (although I don't believe I've seen any right-to-left support in Mac OS X, yet). If anything useful comes out of it, and I'm hoping there will, I'll post something.
You can read greek and cyrillic, it just has to be unicode.

I wrote up something in M$ word using the fonts/keyboard layout that they use in greece (old bitmap ones..yuck :p). This was in OS9 (or classic for that matter).

I think if you just save it OS X might *not* be able to read the encodings. I saved the test document as a unicode document, and opened it in TextEdit and lo and behold I saw what I had written.

OS X can recognize greek, it just cant reproduce it due to the lack of fonts (well there are only one or 2 greek enabled fonts in OS X but since the fonts are window style ones any windows greek font will work in OS X) and the lack of a keyboard layout.

There exists a "symbol" keyboard layout BUT it doesnt do accented chars and it is not a typical greek keyboard layout. It emulated the symbol font layout.