Laptops bad on lap?


Hey, i am kind of a noob to laptops and stuff and i had some questions.
I hear that its not good to have laptops, actually be on your lap. Like for males it can cause damage to their sexual area and cause pains, and in some cases cause 3rd degree burns! I would also like to know what mine is capable of doing and if i should be careful and what i should do? Mine is described in my signature, if its not enough let me know.

Thank you

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I'd imagine that Macs are probably worse because they have metallic cases. Mine gets hot pretty quickly. If it starts getting really hot, I normally switch the processor to reduced performance unless I'm doing something processor-intensive.

I remember seeing an article about the problems laptops can cause to gentlemen in particular *cough*, but the people that it happened to used their laptops on their lap for several hours a day over a long period of time.


The use of hot laptops on a male's lap supposedly lowers one's sperm count... so... if you're trying to have a kid, this is a problem.


i read that if you use a laptop on your lap, it can potentially raise the temperature in the groin by more than 2 degrees which can reduce your sperm count.
But does smoking, pollution, prolongued use of aerosols.........


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Thx zammy for the link of that thread, was exactly gonna post that ...
My take on it: If it feels too hot on your skin, then it's too hot. Don't worry too much, but don't either have a Powerbook as a birthcontrol method :D


I was actually reading about this last night in a magazine. They said a generic laptop on you lap adds as much as to 6 degrees per hour to the overall heat of that area and that it takes only a 3 degree increase before your sperm count starts to lower.I guess it depends on the laptop though certain ones would give off more of less heat.
They can do damage!
Basically, your bits *ahem* are on the outside of your body for a reason: sperm is produced at a lower temperature than your normal body operating heat. So, if you give them a bit of heat they tend to slow down a bit.
Probably worth not taking the risk if you ask me!


Looks like you've got the newer G4 PB like I have, and they get pretty darn toasty. Compared to my old iBook G3, these things feel like flapjacks just off the griddle when you put it on your lap. I recommend keeping it on another surface when possible, and even off the desk if that's a viable option. I use the iCurve and a second keyboard, and it's a dream. BTW, my
girlfriend, who has her Master's in Public Health and specializes in reproductive health, said that laptops(on the lap) will definitely effect the
boys downstairs...the jury's still out whether such damage is long-term...