Lara In Black ... ??



I have a iMac 233 Rev B with MacOS X.1 installed on.
It works all very well. Did I say "all" ?

When I launch [TombRaider] or [Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater] demos, then the screen is reasized to 640x480 and it becomes black. Since now, it's all normal and right. The problem : The screen stays black for the Skater, and Lara tells me by a message box alert that she is unable to open a OpenGL connection.

Very strange don't you think ? because I'm in spite of that able to launch some other little OpenGL games or utilities, and the system profiler seems to detect a OpenGL Framework installed on my favorite OS.

So if you are as gamer and macmaniac as I am, you will understand all my pain if I tell you that I would like to play on OS X to those two games (of course they work on OS 9 ...).

So if you've got an idea or a piece of solution,
tell me, write me, call me, .... pleeaaaase.

Thank you very much,

PS : :( look, look, this is my face now.
I don't really know what the problem is, both those games (full versions) work for me.
Just be sure you have the latest version of OpenGL installed.
I have found that on OS X on my beige g3, that any full screen OpenGL is dark as all hell. I have cranked my monitor up to its brightest setting, which kills the eyes when you get back to OS X, and highest contrast but no dice.

Could this be related? I have never had the problem stating that there isn't an opengl framework installed, though.

I used the OpenGLInfo utility installed with the DevTools.
What I saw ?
just see the filed attached.

In all cases it can't work in full screen mode.

Thank you,


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i have a dual 533 with a geforce2mx and my opengl info returns
fullscreen = yes
hardware acceleration = yes

How much RAM do u use with OS X? Do u use the OS X version of Tony Hawks Pro Skater2 ?
Under OS 9, this problem can appear when OpenGL doesn't get enough memory to run. It normaly takes up more than 50 megs on my machine (iMac DV SE 500, 256 MB RAM)