Laser Writer Pro 600 And Mac Tiger

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My computer level is "intuitively handy," but certainly not a pro.

I've just installed Mac Tiger, stepping up incrementally, all the way from Mac 9.1. Great system, things are working fine. Yesterday I went to install my new printer, HP Deskjet 9800d. Great printer; I'm working with hp at the moment to get things synched with it.

Here's the deal: My Laser Writer Pro 600 was working fine with Mac Tiger until immediately after I installed the HP driver. Now.. not. When I go to the Chooser (working in OS 9.2.1, as that's where my docs in old version of Word can print from), my printer is no longer available to choose.. yet, its icon sits on the OS 9.2.1 desktop, and when I choose "Print" in the app menu, I do get a print dialog box, with my printer's name at the top.

What gives?
I don't have a MacOS 9 booting computer handy so that this will be of generic help. However, there is nothing particularly wrong. Your Desktop printer has lost its link to the hardware. If you want to continue use of the LW 600, single-click its Desktop icon. Go to the menu bar and reestablish the connection between the LW 600 and its Desktop printer. Alternatively, you may Trash the current Desktop printer, go to the Chooser, and setup and new one.
yeah, but... when I single-click the icon, and pick "Printing" from the menu, then pick "Setup," then choose the printer after selecting "Change," then click on "Auto Setup"... I get this error message: "Auto Setup failed because the printer could not be found. The setup will be left untouched." All while the printer is plugged in, turned on and communicating as it previously did so well, through an ethernet connection to this Mac G4.

When I drag the icon to the trash and go to the Chooser and click on the postscript printer icon in the Chooser, there are no printers listed for me to choose and the setup button is dimmed.

I just know the printer is there somewhere, but am frutstrated not to be able to get to it.. I seem to be losing my grip on the old OS 9 system much more quickly than I'd like.

btw.. thanks for taking the interest to reply to my initial post
If your computer can't find the printer, it can't find the printer. Trashing Desktop printer icons does nothing to change that. You have an AppleTalk problem. You need to reestablish AppleTalk communication between the computer and printer. I have had to deal with this problem a couple of times. IIRC, this is my solution:

1. Cycle the printer's on/off switch.
2. Cycle AppleTalk on and off on your computer.
3. Restart while zapping your PRAM.
4. Dance naked around the printer while chanting an incantation.
5. Sacrifice a goat.

Hope this helps.