Laserwriter IIg worked in X.3.9 not in X.4


I have a Laserwriter IIg that did work in OS X - X.3.9, but when I started with Tiger, it's a nogo.

We have it connected to the ethernet port via an Assente, "Friendlynet 10T adapter," Appletalk is on, else wise we have an airport network using the original silver base station.

When trying to print, we get a message stating "Printer Not Responding."

When you try to "Add..." the printer, nothing can be seen to add.



Gary Coyne
Apple changed appletalk in Tiger, making it broadcast less often, and thus sometimes not recognizing other devices. Others with Asante adapters have been successful by resetting everything on the network - printer & adapter, router, computers. For the router, just a power off/on, not factory reset. Wait 2 min after resetting the router before restarting the Mac(s).

I have a farallon Ethermac. I had to do this only once since installing Tiger.