Last Generation G4 Crashing After Sleep


I did a search, but could not (surprisingly) find anything that compares to my problem... so here is my post:

I have the last generation G4 - dual 1.25 ghz - and for the last few months I've had problems. Every time it goes to sleep (without fail), I cannot wake it. I hit a key, my system crashes - and then I have to unplug the whole computer for 15 seconds, re plug it - and wait for it to boot back up.

This happened before I installed Tiger, and Tiger has not made any difference, nor helped it at all.

Anyone else have this problem? It's become a serious pain in the old butt.

You could try resetting the PMU (power management unit).
A Google search for Resetting PMU and OS X will get you all the info you need to try this.