Late Christmas present to myself.


I bought myself a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4gb RAM and 64gb SD card storage. The kit cost a bit over $100, with case, fan, heat sinks, and cables. After grabbing from my shelves an old monitor, keyboard, and mouse, I followed the directions (Hey, first time for everything) and it’s now on my local network.

I decided to try one of the most popular 1st experiments - Pi-Hole. See the screenshot. Notice anything missing?

Yes, I know, I could have done this on my iMac, but I’m looking toward a Mac-free future.


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Why? The short answer is, I participate in this forum on Mac issues, but am composing this post on an iPad. The longer answer ...

I bought this iMac in 12/14, upgraded RAM and disk in 9/16. In 2/20, the truth is, I’m just not using it much anymore - and at the ripe old age of 71, certainly not enough to justify the $ to replace it when it goes toes up. (Which, if history repeats, could be any time.)

I bought an iPad Pro in 7/16 and replaced it with the newest model 2 weeks ago. Ever since 7/16, I have shifted more and more from iMac to iPad, and now it’s 10% to 90%. There are really only a few areas of activity:

  • As I have mentioned elsewhere, I use IGG’s Banktivity and am looking for an IOS-only replacement. The leading candidate is MoneyWiz3.
  • I have used TurboTax for years, currently the Home & Business version. The business part is disappearing this year and, in general, everything else is simplifying enough, I think, that next year I can use the free, or almost free, online version.
Photos & Videos
  • I now keep photos in Amazon Prime.
  • For videos, I mean recorded movies & TV shows. I run a PLEX server on my iMac and keep all the junk on an external disk. PLEX now runs on Raspberry Pi, so I’m hoping for a smooth transition.
  • I have used Filemaker for years, mostly for business. For a few others, on the order of Christmas card records, I have migrated to Tap Forms, which I find more than adequate.
Apple apps
  • All my Numbers docs are moved to iCloud, and the IOS version of the app is also adequate. As is Pages. I use KeyNote very infrequently. I had Micro$oft Office, but I deposited it in the great trash icon in the sky.

That’s my story and I’ll stick to it, unless I receive some compelling reasons not to. Like a generous contribution to my new iMac fund.
Moving to iOS sounds like a sound plan for your needs. Good for you ! :cool: