Latest & Greatest News (Some Exciting)


Staff member

A few things...

1) We finally fixed the issues with the board. It wasn't by chance we fixed it, so we know its really fixed this time, as we found the exact problem.

2) Minor modification to the top of the page design.

3) Numerous forums merged together. No loss of any threads or posts. This was to help combine forums that were either rarely used or duplicated each other.

4) Our ONE YEAR anniversary is coming up... we have a COOL PROMOTION, we are giving away something and we think you will really like it.

5) We are going to start recruiting volunteers to be official Mac OS X Mac Support Volunteers... this will be starting mid month.

That's about it! Just waiting around for the release of 10.1. We hope you enjoy the site around here... and tell your Mac & Unix friends about us.