lauching apps in terminal window.


Why can't I execute applications in a terminal window? I'd like to be able to type something like "BBEdit source.cpp &" and edit my code, but it won't let me. I can't do it with OS X or Classic apps, what's the deal?

To execute an application from the unix command line, type in the full path to where the application is stored (ex. /applications/web/bbedit) or if you are in the right directory already type ./bbedit. When you just type the command it looks in the path for that programm, not in the current directory.

Thanks for your suggestions, but neither of these solutions work for what I'm doing. Typing "open appName" provides no advantage to using the terminal, since I can't pass the application command line arguments like "bbedit source.cpp".
The second solution mentioned simple doesn't work at all.
Hmm, I must be able to write a script to help me. Let's see what funky stuff I can do with Applescript combined with shell scripting.
It doesnt work everytime but some apps let this work!

Using the terminal app.. su to a different user
open the app using the differnt user like "root" for example.
I have root setup to use Aqua Pro Mode...The app, opened up in Terminal as root, shows up in ProMode Graphite where all other apps are blue.

very cool becuase the app also has root privlages. I have a feeling this only works for Cocoa apps!