LaunchBar... Wow!


After spending the last day with LaunchBar, I'm wondering to myself why Apple doesn't snatch up this technology and incorporate it into 10.X. It is an amazing program that everybody should try out.

If you haven't given it a look, check it out at:

I'm interested to see if anybody else likes it as much as I do. My only complaint is that it doesn't automatically incorporate e-mail addresses from Mail.

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Yes, LaunchBar should be part of OS X. I've thought that too for some time. Once in a while a third-party utility's features are desireable for every one -- this is definately one of those apps.
absolutely! launchbar is the best! in fact, i'm going to go and buy my license now... (at last... :) )
if any of you don't have it, try it, it is seriously worth the download and the money!
How did I ever live without it? NO UTILITY NOT EVEN DRAGTHING can come CLOSE to the speed of LaunchBar. I can type cmd-esc, CPU, return far faster than u can get ur hand off the keyboard, onto the mouse, nav to your dock, open it (if it's minimized), get to the right tab, and click the CPU monitor button.