Launcher and collapsing windows


Am I the only person who used the Launcher in previous MacOSs? I haven't heard anyone mentioning its disapperaance.
The collapsing windows got a lot of press and I wnat the back also but what about the launcher?

Does anyone know of a third party replacement?

Thank you,
Just out of curiosity, what did the Launcher have that the Dock lacks, that you want?

Myself, I had tons of things on my Apple menu and in various popup windows. My main beef with the Dock is that it's not heirarchical.

With the launcher, if you add folders with a bullet as the first character in its name you get a series of buttons at the top of the launcher window. This allows you to have multiple pages to organize the apps. I commonly set it up as Apps, Graphics, Utilities, Games, Internet... It makes thing much easier than having a big pile of app at the bottom of the screen.

If you know a way to do this to the dock, please tell me.

Thank you,