layers and image ready


Is it best to create all your layers in photoshop first before working in image ready?

when i create new layers in image ready, i can't seem to control which layers are individually turned on or off on the frames.

i created a new layer for a new frame in image ready but my previous layer is visible on it. when i turn off that first layer, it is then removed from all my previous frames... no control.. ahhhh help!
I usually work in Photoshop first, and then jump into ImageReady when I'm ready to create rollovers/animated gifs...

But, everyone has their own way of working with regard to Photoshop/ImageReady. I've met people who do things SO backwards that it makes me want to pull out my hair. However, at the end of it all, what we've created looks identical - just that mine took 10 minutes, and theirs took 1 hour.

(BTW, I'm sure they look at my workflow and go, "Dear GOD! What are you doing!!!! :))