Ldapv3 Tiger Help


I have a Xserver G5 running tiger 10.4 and have setup the OD db. I configured the clients directory access to include the ldap path, but I cannot login with a user that is not local. Do I need to setup custom mapping in any of the mapping attributes or is there something else that I am missing. I am totally new to Ldap and mac. My company, roughly 25 users, is switching from windows to mac and they have given me a one month deadline to get the new server online. Any help would be very appreciated.


I always recommend a visit from a consultant for migrations like this. A day or two's worth of consulting can help you get up and running, as well as getting some good hands on training in the new technologies.

With that said...

So you set up Directory Access on all the clients to reflect the IP/hostname of your Open Directory Master. Do you have a properly working DNS? You should always have DNS in place before creating an Open Directory Master. Try looking up the forward and reverse pointers using the host command and your server hostname and IP. Also, use dscl to shuffle through your LDAP connection and records.

man dscl and man host in the terminal if you need some assistance to get you started! :)