??? ldconfig ???

I asked that question 'cause i'm tyring to install aterm on OSX and to get the theme support, I need to do a couple of manual steps:

su root ;
cd /usr/local/src/AfterStep-1.8.0 ;
cp lib/libafterstep.a /usr/local/lib ;
cp asimagelib/libasimage.a /usr/local/lib ;

That's fairy simple except the last command. My computer doesn't know that command. Without that, i'm afraid that the whole theme support is obselete. So, is there a set of commands or something that could replace it?
I was writing a response this AM but our corp. network connection was severed for the day :( :(

Anyway, ldconfig is used by older style DYNAMIC loading linkers
to keep a cache (usually /etc/ld.so.cache) of dynamic libraries and symbols.

Darwin doesn't have that and doesn't need it.

What you have are static libraries (the .a's). Even if you had
ldconfig, it wouldn't matter.

Nor am I even certain where your seeing those installation
instructions. AS is built almost totally statically so unless the themes themselves are dynamic executables looking for dynamic runtime libs (which you dont have), there isn't a reason to do what your doing.

The themes instructions I see on afterstep.org are pretty clear.
While on the dynamic library topic, does anyone have pointers to documentation on this for os x? Basically, I'm wondering what the osx equivalent to the run-time dynamic loading functions in Linux (dlfcn.h stuff) might be (if there is an equivalent).

PS: this web site is being a bit sluggish...
Someone did write a dl compatibility library. From that dlfcn.h:

extern void * dlopen(
const char *path,
int mode);
extern void * dlsym(
void * handle,
const char *symbol);
extern const char * dlerror(
extern int dlclose(
void * handle);

I can't help you w/ any native functions.