Legality????Part 2


Apple seeder
Well..just to reply to those who said..if it is free it is free..........
Apple knows there are carracho server ...and if they didn't distributed the update like that ....there is a there is a reason for the ...50 copies only.... sure it's pissing me off as much as you all ...but hey ... law is far as upping as FTP...Copyright LAW is ILLEGAL to reroduce a software...without written permission...even if it is is even written in most of the CD .......anyway... thinking it's legal...won't make it legal... :)


and why they closed my Message?????????????????????
i guess that pissed someone eh?
all you need to do is look at all the threads in here from people who have u/l or d/l bad images, or don't know how/what to do with them after and it's obvious why apple did not make it a download.

yes, all these ftp sites and hotline/carracho servers are illegal, and the admins here sould be careful when they allow postings pointing to them - i'd not like to see this forum get hassled by apple's legal team....

and sure, apple could be doing a better job getting the free copies out to the stores, but at least they *are* getting them out....previous up-to-date programs did not offer anything like this.