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I remember one of my first messages.......i got soo many reply saying that that was illegal, and i felt guilty....but lately ..there are soo many people freely talkign about carracho or burning copies, uploading to FTP, or even using illegal themes (see Aqua for ( that was actually banned by Apple itself)
Now my question is....guys what's wrong with litterally kicked my butt when i asked for a serial ...and now everyone is talkign about that kinda stuff??? aren't we forgetting that ...that 's illegal??
well just my 2 cents...
I know what you are saying, its called hypocrisy.

I'm still running 100% legal on my new computer. (as well as my old one, I think).

Going to a university has its benefits, like $200 for photoshop, $5 for ms office (yes, $5, its a media fee - UC has an agreement with ms...), all kinds of discounts.

I'd really like a cheaper version of toast just for getting images onto cd's without messing them up like DiskCopy does.
I also shared the same experience BBenve, and I now understand why they did it. We just dont need to talk about that, we're trying to be a legitimate source of information.

I think when the Admin starts handing out Moderator Jobs, each mod will take it upon him/her-self to stop these warez threads which in turn mutate into flame threads. We can get that anywhere else on the net. I know that if I am a mod, and those things start popping up, I would explain that were not going to talk about that, and if the thread continues, I'll delete it, but I guess i would leave at least one warez thread open just so they have a place to flame each other.:) Mabey I should have a disclamer on the front of that thread....
I think the guy who has posted earez threads is high one something lol :p

As for uploading to carracho and ftp, I guess this was for the upgrade for 10.1 which is actually free from apple, so free is free I guess and that is why people talked about it.

I have not noticed anything about schemes..where did you see that ?

As far as warez braggers, their IPs are logged so if some governemnt antipiracy agency sees this and tracks em down, they are in deep sh*t :p

Most of the talk was about 10.1 uprade, which was free. So, if anyone gets on your case about warez, aka piracy... thats a different topic. A free upgrade from apple, adobe or anyone else for that matter... is up for grabs in my book.

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