Leopard screenshots?


Some guy over at AppleNova posted some screenshots that are supposedly from early alpha builds of Leopard. Fake?

I'll post a mirror if they go down...
Fake... and underwhelming. THey didn't even bother trying to make it look like it had cool new features in the first shot. And there is no way the 2nd one is anything Apple created.
who can say?

even if they are fakes they are good fakes - for the very fact that i imagine apple will go in the direction shown for GUI aspects in the finder window etc. its nice that textedit displays pages documents too!

why wouldnt the second image be something apple created? fast user switching via an 'expose-esque' interface would be a bloody good idea! even if its the interface for some sort of virtual-desktop its good.

remember when dashboard pics were leaked? people said the same sort of things - 'no way would apple have a big white X in a big white circle!11!!ONE!!11!!! ONE!!' - apple tweaked and developed the designs - and the final release had many of the elements of those leaked pics.

either way - trying to second guess what apple will do - or thinking that you might know exactly what apple are designing interface-wise for an OS that has over a year to go before release is silly.

1.) It's clear that Apple has already started work on Leopard internally. However, according to all my information, no build of Leopard has _ever_ left the house.

2.) The Photoshopper (assuming it's a fake) has given the apps the new iTunes' look. Why not. We all want the interface to become more streamlined, although not necessarily more iTunes 5 like. ;)

3.) The second screenshot... Is that Fast User Switching? If so, that's a very bad idea, since that would give some of the content away. I don't want other users to see what I was doing when I was last at the computer... At least not necessarily. If it's some kind of multiple desktops thingie: I thought Apple had that covered with Exposé, although it _could_ be they want to add something to it.

I call it a fake for now. But Robn: They don't have to "make it look like it had cool new features", since I don't think that's where development starts.
To me it looks a fake too, there are a few little flaws here and there, such as the first screenshot shows the Home directory, yet in the sidebar a drive is selected.
Lt Major Burns said:
the servers down. did anyone mirror it?
No it's still there. When you click on the link for each image, the actual link to the actual image is in the middle of the page, below the Google ads. I think they create a temporary URL for the actual image so you don't link to it directly...
The direct links, of course, still go to the html pages, parb. :) That's how those systems work...
Not to mention that in the first screenshot, the finder window is "blue" aqua, and the safari window is clearly "graphite" aqua...other than that it looks legitimate to me. It would be a cool yet useless feature if TextEdit could display Pages documents tho.

The Second screenshot looks like Virtual Desktops IMO.
The second screenshot can't be fast user switching. Why would that have a "Screen Options" link in it? It definitely looks like multiple workspaces to me — it looks like the Dock and the desktop items are the same in all three screens.

If true, I think that's a great idea that's been a long time coming.

The hard disk icon is a joke. But a better joke than the current one.
ahhh - i see, didnt realise that the links would go back to the original pages!

the other thing about the second screen grab is - theres the same 'white '+' in a cirlcle' as there is on the current dashboard. today - clicking on that button rotates it and it reveals more options... i'm wondering what functionality it would have in the screen grab... maybe cycling through different virtual desktops?...
ziess said:
Mmmm, I like the italic text in the Safari titlebar....
I didn't even notice that. Also, all of the title bars are using a new font. And IMO it doesn't look as good as Lucida Grande.