Leopards rumours


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looprumors is back? :) that was like the worst rumour site ever. they made up stories that were based on basic misunderstandings on how mac os x works... can't remember, really... either way: this "list of features" seems to be a wishlist of some kind. nothing really new, just "leftovers" from rumoured features for Panther, Tiger...


Wishlist? More like "pathetically obvious": new desktop backgrounds and screensavers? "Insider info": indeed!

No, the real speculation will have to wait at least until after MWSF 06.


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None of the rumours sound really serious at all. They're saying nothing about the internals of the system, about some improvements on the code. The only thing to be true is that Leopard will come for both architectures, as Apple, as we all know, moves to Intel, while still supporting PowerPCs.

These rumours do not sound serious at all to me.


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You forgot the desktop pix. They'll sure be among the 201 "all new" features in Leopard. ;)


"iChat 4 is said to record video chats and save them as mpegs allowing users to play them back at a later date."

That's pretty kickass, if true.


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Yeah, but it's the "true" factor that's probably still "about to change". ;)


The Tabs in iChat would be nice. That's one of the major reasons with Gaim is so good on the pc cause of multiple conversations in 1 window


This is arguably the worst "rumor" ever. I think I can do this.

- Apple expected to ship new machines in the future with different specs than the current offering

- New OS to include updated versions of certain iApps

- New user icons expected in next version of Apple's flagship OS

- New revision of iPods expected in the next year

- Dashbord to get updated default widgets

- Safari to load pages even faster

* Any and all of these are subject to change.


Don't forget: a new, updated version number! Mac OS 10.5! You heard it here first!

Right, that's about enough sarcasm for today ... :D


The iTunes interface is perefectly fine except for the tackyness with the bordered lines. I think Apple made this bold move just to see how macintosh users liked this interface - therefore if we don't obviously they won't pursue it any longer in any new operating systems.

Personally if Apple were smart, they would offer more 'Appearences' than the Graphite and Blue. They have the time to do so.


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They all have a point. Most of these rumours are pathetically, forehead-slappingly obvious. "... will be compatible with both Intel and PPC based Macs." indeed! How about "Will probably come on DVD-Rom for convenient installation" or "will have a new version number."

The only reputable Mac rumour sites are ThinkSecret, Apple Insider and Spymac.


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My prediction is that the various rumor sites will, in the near future, publish allegedly insider information. Further, some of the rumors will be true. Some will not. Some will be partially true.

I could be wrong. But I don't think so!

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one thing we do know, is that these rumour sites are more frequently wrong than they are right, even the best ones. it's like tabloid net-news.

when apple announce the feature set, i'll be listening.


The life icons I can believe. Apple bought out a company that specializes in translating document formats, and etc, so it would be easy for them to write something into the finder that parses out what a Word document would look like, but I don't find this type of thing to be very practical for a few reasons though. When you think about it, when viewing these type of icons in Windows XP, most of the icons look alike, because they are so freakin small. Most people in Powerpoint use the exact same Themes over and over again so that wouldn't do much good either. It is a good idea, but when applied doesn't seem as practical. Now, if the Finder had the iPhoto resizing thing, where you can resize all the documents in the view, to get a clearer view of the previews, this would be useful though.

The Windows Vista glass interface would drive me up the wall. All the transparency hurts your eyes after extended use, especially since it's everywhere.

The most obvious thing that is likely going to happen is extending the way Spotlight works. Spotlight works great, but it feels like it's a small step towards something much much bigger.

The tabs in ichat was something that has been put in and pulled from numerous builds of OSX, so it is inevitable. The iPod Home Folder was a feature that was scrapped from builds of Panther, so I don't think it is going to happen. The harddrive in the ipod is too slow to boot from the home folder on it, and if it syncs with a home computers home folder, any of the transactions that would happen would severely slow down log in process. They would probably set it up so it's incremental, but even then though, it would add needless time to login for something that wouldn't make a huge difference.

Personally, I'd like to see the return of Voice Print where you can log in with your voice, and the ability to encrypt files again.


VigilantX said:
Now, if the Finder had the iPhoto resizing thing, where you can resize all the documents in the view, to get a clearer view of the previews, this would be useful though.

You can do that, but it's not as easy. Press Apple + J, Select "This window only" and adjust the scale. Would be nicer to have the scale on the Finder window though.

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i have the icons in finder at 128x128 so i do see all documnet previews all the time. this is, however, not practical for navigation, so i just switch to column view for that. simple. icon view for previews and column view for navigation.