Letting users through the firewall


Im guessing this is one of thoses questions that are easy if you know how?

I have a 10.4 server and I want to enable the firewall (which I have)

I have gone to the settings in firewall and under active settings I have added ports 5900 and 5800 so I can VNC to the server.

The users in the work group now cannot log onto the server (they have accounts in active directory) it just hangs.

The users all authenticate to the server via LDAP abd I have allowed both the LDAP and LDAP secure services on the firewall but thystill cannot connect.

All machines on the network are using 192.168. addresses pushed out from the router.

Is there a port that I should manually configure or is it just a case of opening one of the existing ports?

I am still learning my way around the server so any advice would be great.
Try temporarily turning the firewall off. If that allows them to logon, then that would prove that the firewall config is the cause of your problem. You could also try activating the default ports that have been provided to see if you might have missed one of the important ones.