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Switching from WinPC to MAC; keeping the same printer.
There may already be other posts dealing w/ this subject but this is intended to make sure that others don't waste the time I did in finding the solution ...
After taking a Sledge Hammer" to the WinCrash PC & getting a G3 B&W MAC, I took a gamble & thought I'd find software to continue using the Lexmark Z25 printer.

Went to Lexmark.com to get the download, & that went fine ... except ... it arrives on the desktop as an "HQX" file which Stuffit (or any utility) doesn't recognize OR understand.

I found a reference someplace that indicated the answer; Safari (Correctly) is configured to download "executable" files (applications) without automatically OPENING them, providing a degree of safety to the user againsts malicious attacks.

The "HQX" extension is actually a misnomer for a file that actually is an INSTALLER and doesn't need to be decompressed.

SOLUTION; when you visit Lexmark.com for software downloads, first goto "Safari PREFERENCES", which SHOULD display the "General" tab. On that particular veiw, click-to-check the box saying "Open 'SAFE' Files after downloading" ... this will then cause the ".HQX" file to reveal itself on your desktop, as the Lexmark INSTALLER it really is.

From there, just follow the (simple" instructions ...

DO NOT waste your time ( I DID ) looking for help from Lexmark; they had NO clue, and I wasted numerous detailed e-mails back & forth with them w/ NO indication of an answer. They finally gave up. I didn't & that's why I'm posting this note.

Good Luck.