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Finally I got the OS X 10.1 and OS 9.2 CDs today.

I already had 10.1 installed, so today I wanted to install or update, rather, 9.1 to 9.2.

Before the update whenever I open a classic app it said I should consider upgrading, and all I had to do was put in the cd and click on the update program in the language of my choice, which is English.

So I did, and well: the Update 9.2 program in the directory that sprang out of the English version of the update program gave me a System -35 error. No clue what that is (never used a mac till now). So I tried the Install icon, hoping it wasn't really going to install 9.2 but just upgrade. Well, it got stuck at the point where it is checking for components and said something about Internet Explorer file (or was it Internet Config file) was in the way. What is that? So I gave up and try the following.

Since one of the installation manuals said I should install the CD from reboot, I tried that. Holding down the C key did nothing to boot from the CD, whether I was going in X or 9.

So finally, I decided to go into 9 and install from there. This is not something any manual I read had recommended and it worked.

Anyway, now I am satisfied to have 9.2 on my harddrive even though I use classic very rarely. I am posting to see if others had a smoother experience, and also, in case others have the same problems, they can try my undocumented method.

The Mac OS X upgrade CD is the only bootable CD. The Mac OS 9.2.1 upgrade is not bootable. It just contains different language versions of 9.2.1 as far as I know. In the directions for the upgrade, it is stated that 9.2.1 must be installed first before any OS X upgrade - I don't know why, that's Apple's doing. That probably caused your installation error, or possibly a corrupt file somewhere.

Yes, I do remember seeing somewhere that you need to install the 9.2 upgrade before 10.1. But isn't that sort of dumb? Normally people are like, wow, 10.1, waited all this time, let me install it. Wow, it's really fast, cool! Let me brag about it on Then a few days later, people are like, hmm, maybe I should install 9.2. Know what I mean? It's sorta bad that 9.2 should be installed first.

Anyway, I solved the problem by booting into 9.1 and then do the upgrade.

But I see your point.

Originally posted by travelgz
So finally, I decided to go into 9 and install from there. This is not something any manual I read had recommended and it worked.

Funny, it never even occurred to me to try to upgrade Mac OS 9 while running a system from Mac OS X. Interesting idea though, to bad it didn't work.